Expo Doha 2023


Experience the wonder of Expo 2023 in Doha, Qatar, like never before with our specially curated packages

Immerse yourself in the innovations, cultures, and global perspectives showcased at this prestigious event while enjoying the richness of Qatari heritage and modernity. Whether you have a brief stopover, a layover, or are planning a leisurely exploration, our packages are designed to cater to your interests and schedule. Discover the magic of Expo 2023 and experience Qatar’s charm in a way that suits you best.


Stopover to Doha for Expo 2023

Maximize your layover with a stopover package that includes airport pick-up, Expo 2023 entrance, a walking tour of the expo, a quick city tour, and a seamless drop-off.

From: 1550 QAR

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Layover to Doha for Expo 2023

Extend your layover and experience the best of Doha with our Expo 2023 package. Enjoy airport transfers, a city tour, desert safari, and a comfortable hotel stay.

From: 1450 QAR

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Leisure Trip Doha with Expo 2023

Take a leisurely trip to Doha, Qatar, and experience Expo 2023 along with cultural and natural attractions. This package offers relaxation, exploration, and memorable experiences.

From: 3100 QAR

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