Extremely helpful airport tips to make your travel easier

Travelling is fun, but at the same time, it is challenging for both seasoned,  international travelers as well as for first time flyers as you have to take care of many things. Your slightest negligence can push you into trouble. As many people and aircraft arrive and depart each day.

Especially first-time flyer is needed to take care of a lot of things. Below are listed beneficial airport tips to make your travel easier. So for your next trip, be assured to follow these best airport tips and tricks.

23 Helpful Airport Tips to make your Travel Easier

1. Keep checking your flight schedule

If you want to avoid the last-moment hustle and save yourself from panic, check the timing for your flight at least 24 hours in advance to avoid any mishap at the airport. Make this your habit, and you will never face any problems regarding same flight timing during your travel.

2. Check-in for your flight earlier

Pre-checking in for your trip is one of the best airport travel tips for saving time. When you get to the airport, this will save time at the check-in counter because you will (likely) only need to go there to drop off any held carry on luggage. In addition, it can save you a lot if you were unable to choose your seat when you purchased your ticket; this can be a fantastic method to get the best seat of your choice (which will be a window seat, of course).

3. Keep your laptop in your hands

You must carry your laptop bag during the flight if you are a business or tech guy. Remember that you must remove your laptop and any other equipment from your bag when passing through security.

Pack your laptop or other equipment in an accessible side pocket of your suitcase to prevent digging through it while standing in line. Another option is that you can buy a hand-carry having built-in laptop space.

4. Mark your carry on luggage

mark your carry on luggageOne of the best airport tips is to mark your luggage. If you’re checking carry on luggage, make your suitcase stand out among the sea of identical bags on the conveyor belt by tying a brightly colored ribbon to the handle.

Also, make sure to laminate your bag or luggage with plastic wrap to save the items from any damage. The critical point is to avoid using long-dangling tags or ribbons, as doing so could cause harm to your luggage if workers have to pull them out of the conveyer belt by force. You will distinguish your checked luggage in a sight.

If you lose or misplace your luggage on any of your connecting flights or long-haul flights, it will help you find the ribbon.

5. Bring a power bank

We expect our gadgets to be charged and available at all times in the modern environment. When they notice a red 10% battery charge indicator in the top corner of their phones, people who depend on them to call for a pick-up once they get to their destination could become anxious. Bring

A portable charger or power bank so your other electronics, especially your phone, won’t die. It would save you from the hustle of looking for an outlet if your phone’s battery starts to run low with a portable battery.

6. Take snacks of your choice with you

If you are travelling on a budget, this airport tip is for you. If you frequently fly, you know how expensive airport food is and how the food supplied to passengers on aircraft is mediocre.

Especially when travelling with children, as hunger can make them bizarre, bringing your snacks is a fantastic airport tip to save extra money and eat something filling. Check the Air Transport Security Authority regulations in advance to discover what snacks you can and cannot bring through airport security.

7. Keep your outfit simple and comfortable

One of the vital parts of a convenient journey is a comfortable wardrobe for travel. Regardless of your style, make sure your travel clothing covers your legs to prevent contact with germs on airport and aero plane seats.

Choose easy to remove shoes, breathable materials, and loose-fitting apparel. In short, keep your outfit simple and comfortable.

8. Keep a travel wallettravel wallet

Getting a small travel wallet is another piece of airport advice for the highly organized. It may be as essential as a tiny A5 plastic popper-shut folder. Anything that keeps your papers and documents organized and handy will be a lifesaver when navigating the airport without getting stressed out! Put your passport, and other relevant documents like tickets in it, and you are good to go.

9. Take prints of your documents beforehand

In the current situation, even if downloading e-tickets and certificates to your phone may appear more convenient, taking a physical copy of your documentation is quicker. It would help if you always had everything printed out and kept in a transparent wallet before your flight.

Instead of navigating through several emails or files on my phone, whether it’s a check-in agent or an immigration officer, you can hand them the wallet, and everything is there. Moreover, Paper documents also eliminate the need to be concerned about a dead phone battery, which is especially useful if there are delays.

10. Download the airline app

Last but not least, this is a beneficial airport tip, always download the airline app or check airport website you are travelling with. There are a lot of advantages of airline apps, and many now let you upload necessary travel documents along with your ticket before you leave, ensuring that you have everything you need before you arrive at the airport.

You will get live travel updates, terminal maps, departures and arrivals details, unique bargains and offers, airport applications etc. If you want to watch a free show while you’re on the flight, be sure to download it while you’re still on the ground and connected to Wi-Fi because many airlines have started using their applications for in-flight entertainment.

11. Carry on an empty water bottle

Most of the airports sell overpriced water bottles. You can surely get that stuff in lesser price outside the airport than inside. So, I think this is a valuable airport tip to save your hard earned money. Airports have water refill stations or water fountains at considerable distances, so instead of buying an overpriced water bottle, Carry your empty water bottle to refill and enjoy saving.

12. Pack wet wipes and hand sanitizer

When you’re on the road, you should always use a hand sanitizer before eating or touching anything else. This is the best travel tip.

If you grab anything at the airport or on the plane, use a hand sanitizer or a damp wipe to clean your hands.

The airport sees a large volume of passengers every day, and each aircraft has a unique set of passengers. With the end of the COVID era, it is more important than ever to practice good hygiene, especially when you’re on the road and exposed to new microorganisms.

13. Don’t forget to wear socks to avoid barefoot at the airport security

Wearing socks may sound weird. But many airports especially those in the United States will make you take your shoes off while going through security. So, if you don’t like to stand barefoot on the airport floor, wear socks.

The additional benefit of wearing socks is the warmth during the flight and comfort. I think this is one of the funnier yet handy airport tips to consider.

14. Find the perfect sleep spots

In the event that your flight is delayed or you have a longer stopover at the airport, it is important that you be familiar with the best places to sleep in the larger airport so that you may feel more at peace.

I do not believe that sleeping in an airport is a preferable option; but, in the event that you find yourself in such a predicament, you can always play it safe by being familiar with some better resting spots where you may obtain some level of comfort. Make sure to rest near a tray table.

15. Select the comfortable seat for you

Before booking your flight, make sure to ask for a comfortable seating according to your preference. If you need a seat near the power outlet, ask them. If you need more leg room, ask for a seat with comfortable seating.

If you have any medical issue, tell them beforehand and discuss to get a better seat according to your feasibility. Know the amenities your flight offers, and research to get the best seating.  Which seat do you prefer? Aisle seat, middle seat or window seat?

16. TSA approved plastic bags in your carry on luggage

The Transportation Security Administration has a strict requirement that all liquids must be in containers that are 3.4 ounces or less, all liquids must be packed within one clear quart-size plastic bag, and each passenger is only allowed one plastic bag or shopping bag overall.

Many travelers are unsure whether or not they must seal their liquids in plastic bags. The container need not be of the “zip lock” variety commonly used for freezing food.

A sturdy, reusable toiletry bag that is acceptable by the TSA can be used. Either way, all of your beverages must fit “comfortably” into a transparent, ziploc bag.

17. Weigh your luggageluggage weight

Most Airlines have assigned a specific quantity of weight a passenger can bring. They charge extra if you put extra weight in your luggage and bring more than their assigned limit. These charges are a lot and you may have to spend your last dollar to carry your bags.

The worst is if you are reluctant to pay they will remove your extra stuff and you’ll have to give up on that. To avoid such horrible scenario, weigh your bags at home and consider packing a little lighter or carry enough cash with yourself to board your luggage.

18. Relax and unwind at the airport lounge

Airport lounges are no longer solely for first and business class tourists. That’s correct, nowadays even if you are travelling economy and have virtually no airline loyalty, you can pay to enter a new style of pay-per-use lounges.

Most of the passengers especially with children and families have to move to the airport before flight to get through the security and checkpoints with ease. We suggest unwinding at the lounge if you are early.

Grab your favorite cup of tea of coffee with a newspaper of magazine and wait until you check your flight status. Many airports have incredible departure lounges, with aesthetic settings and pleasing atmosphere. We don’t want to miss that charm, and take the best out of it. To know about lounges in Doha airport, visit this link.

What can you expect at an airport lounge?

  • Food (May be a buffet)
  • Beverages
  • Wifi password
  • Showers
  • Sleep rooms (in some airports)
  • Comfortable seating

19. Carefully use your headphones

You may be wondering why i have included this as airport tip? and what carefulness is required for using a headphone? sounds weird?

But this is one of the most useful airport hack one can follow to avoid some extremely terrible scenarios such as Missing one’s flight, or any important announcements.

If you are traveling alone and wearing a headphone with full volume. you are probably more likely to miss your flight. So, always keep your headphones volume down, or confirm your flight schedule and set an alarm or reminder to avoid such scenarios.

20. Ask for free flight upgrade

This may looks embarrassing but you always have a chance to get a flight upgrade in the business or higher class if you are traveling alone at no additional cost.

What’s wrong in asking for it? the worst they can say is a NO.

You should always try your luck if you are traveling alone, and they can get you a free upgrade if they have a seat available. Make sure to have get your flight insurance done.

21. Enjoy the luxuries in an airport hotel

If you can pay for it, why not getting a luxuriously exclusive hotel room if you have a longer lay over. Many airports have deluxe hotels available for the comfort of travelers. You can buy yourself a room, enjoy the cozy shower and warm bed at an extra cost.

22. Research and exchange currencies

Ask about the airport on which you have to stay or layover and exchange your currency accordingly. If you exchange your currency at the airport, you may have to pay extra as commission.

 23. Carefully place your boarding pass

Because of the risk of terrorist attacks and other security risks, you will not be allowed to pass through airport security or move freely within the airport terminals if you do not have a valid ticket or boarding pass.

After passing through the airport security and check ins. Carefully place your boarding pass in your bag at boarding time.


I. What should I not bring to the airport?

The things are prohibited from being brought on airport includes Ice axes, sharp objects, and box cutters, sport goods, any kind of weapons, drugs, self-defense items, flammable items, spray paints, scissors etc.

II. What can be stored in Overhead bin?

You can store oats, cameras, tote bags, backpacks, handbags, and backpacks. Overhead compartments should only be used for luggage, duffle bags etc. In some cases, you can store carry on bags and other luggage only by permission of airline.

III. What is meant by red-eye flight?

The name given to commercial airplane that take off at night and land the next day. These flights can result in weariness, sleeplessness, and red eyes because it is frequently difficult to fall asleep on aero planes, hence the misnomer.

Final words

The essential airport hack is to be kind to your travel companions and staff. Even though it can be challenging when we’re under pressure, being kind and patient with our fellow travelers makes a far more pleasant travel experience.

So, whenever you are travelling, keep the above few tips in mind to make your travel hustle free. Last, be gentle with yourself and do not allow a minor inconvenience or delay to spoil your vacation.