10+ Things to Do & See in Qatar: Suggestions for an Unforgettable Trip

Qatari Patterns
10+ Things to Do & See in Qatar: Suggestions for an Unforgettable Trip

Qatar is a very interesting country, it is a combination of seas and Island beaches, deserts and dunes, a beautiful skyline as well as cultural attractions (can we also NOT forget the wide range of restaurants and charming cafes!). Whatever your definition of an “Unforgettable Trip” is, you will always experience it in Qatar!  And please do judge this blog by its title because we will definitely be suggesting 10+ things to do and see in Qatar. The last one might as well save you from your next trip to France! 😉

Souq Waqif Qatar

  1. Start off by knowing Qatar’s culture and visit the traditional “Souq Waqif”:

Spelled as “waqif” or “waqef”. Souq Waqif means “the Standing Market”.

Although it was the main souq (Arabic for “market”) back in the days where all the trading used to happen, Souq Waqef is now considered as a touristic landmark that represents tradition and cu

Spices in Qatar

lture, mixed with contemporary vibes of hotels and restaurants. What is also nice about Souq Waqif is, you will always find some kind of event happening there, and usually those events are multicultural. So you would find the famous “harakat barakat” Turkish ice-cream booth in front of a Turkish restaurant,  Indian singing and jewelry making in front of an Indian restaurant, and of course traditional Qatari foods and drinks along the paths and alleyways of the Souq. You can also have a 100% cultural shopping spree there, where you would find all kinds of traditional wear fab

rics, spices, old school candies, souvenirs and many many more.

So if you want to experience a glimpse of the past and still enjoy in a contemporary style, visit Souq Waqif.

Fun fact: Souq Waqif is a not just a cultural meeting point, a touristic extravaganza; but also a conglomerate of various mini markets together in one place. There are 9 mini-souqs that make up the Souq Waqif. We highly encourage you to book your “Souq Waqif Walking Tour” with us.

  1. Katara Cultural Village: The best of both worlds (read until the end for a hidden gem!)

Katara Mosque

Katara is the place to be in all four seasons. There’s a lovely, clean and well equipped beach for the hot summer days where you can enjoy the summer beach vibes without going outside of Doha, because Katara is actually in the city center. If you are feeling a bit adventurous and want to satisfy your adrenaline rush, Katara beach has all sorts of water activities, from kayaking, to jetski, to parasailing, you name it! The beach is safe, very suitable for families with kids, where you can have a beach BBQ by the sea and watch your kids build their sandcastles. You might think, how will I enjoy Katara in winter then? Well! Imagine sitting by the beach, sipping a hot Karak cup on a cold December night, listening to the waves hitting the shore, and going deep in your thoughts. Okay stop imagining because this can easily become your reality in Katara! Just beside the beach you can walk through a long paved path “the Katara Promenade” (no sand here) where you can find plenty kiosks and a wide range of  restaurants from different cuisines. Feeling like NOT leaving your car? Well, there are all sorts of restaurants and cafes that have an in-car service all around Katara, so call your friends up for a car pool and just enjoy! As for the cultural side, Katara is filled with public workshops on various soft and artistic skills and art galleries where you can learn about culture and Art, and many cultural, musical, and artistic events take place there. It is also home to the famous “Gandhi’s Three Monks by Subodh Gupta” along with various other public art pieces to explore.

Katara Cultural Village

Congratulations you’ve made it to the part where we introduce the !hidden gem!

Just opposite to every place we mentioned in Katara , theres a place called Katara South Hills Park. Just as the name suggests, its in Sothern Katara, and it’s a beautiful, fully planted, as far as your eyes can reach greenery hill. You can go there for a stroll, a jog, or even a small picnic and enjoy the view of Katara and Doha’s skyline from the top as you enjoy some fresh air, seaview and sip your coffee.

  1. Speaking of Hidden Gems: The Purple Island

As busy as the city life of Doha can get, it is always a good idea to plan a getaway, where you can unwind and start fresh. The Purple Island, located in Al Khor municipality, is a beautiful Island that is surprise surprise not purple! The name only comes because it was where they used to produce red-purple dye from in the past. However, this does not make it any less of a gem. The Purple Island is a very relaxing destination especially if you are a nature lover. It is filled with greenery and the nature there just brings peace. You can spot fish and fossils, go on a kayaking trip with your friends and watch the sunset through the beautiful mangroves. It is a hidden gem because it was just recently discovered and we, of course, arrange group trips on a daily basis.  Our trips consist transportation, the activities you will be doing there and food! Feel free to call us and arrange your trip now for kayaking in the mangrove channels and exploring the Purple Island

  1. Go on a Desert Safari in Qatar

desert photoshoot in qatar

If you are up for an Arabian adventure in Qatar, going on a desert safari is the best idea for you! We can arrange a full day safari tour in Qatar’s desert with activities like Dune Bashing, Camel rides, BBQs in Bedouin style tents and many more! Our packages are suitable for everyone and can be tailored upon your convenience! To explore more about what you can do in the Qatari sand dunes desert, check out our 1001 Arabian Nights experiences in Qatar.

  1. Spend the weekend at the Banana Island:

Relaxing weekend getaway on an island away from the city life? Well Banana Island is just half an hour boat ride away from Doha! Where you will get all the luxurious island experience you ever dreamed of! You can rent a hotel room or even a private villa with a private pool and beach access.

Banana Island Qatar

  1. For our museums lovers, this one’s for you:

Museum #1:  The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ)

“Interconnected galleries take visitors on a visual journey through Qatar, telling the story of the country, from the pre-historic to the modern era”.

The museum is literally awesome! The architecture is spectacular and very instaworthy! The way the information is presented is very high tech, which makes it even more interesting and involves all your senses. So after taking all the pictures you need and after strolling the past through the modern days, make sure you visit the gift shop at the end of the tour.  Nope! It doesn’t end here, we mentioned how Qatar is filled with charming cafes and restaurants, but this one is just breath taking! Jiwan Restaurant is located just on the roof top of the museum, the terrace projects the most beautiful view of Qatar’s skyline, especially at sunset! So make sure you stop by and relax after exploring the museum.

Museum #2: Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)


“The internationally renowned Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) is the crown jewel of Qatar’s museums.”

Museum of Islamic Arts Qatar

Visiting MIA is a must! It represents Islamic art in a very artistic way and it holds rare books and arts from all around the world as well. The architecture is beautiful and the area around the museum is divine as it has a beautiful sea view which you have to pass by! And it does not end here (x2), There is a beautiful park called MIA park which is a MUST VISIT! Of course there is a café! Which sits exactly on the edge of the sea where you will get sprinkled with water every time a wave hits, and trust us, you will love it! The view of the Doha skyline is even closer to you here, because the park is located along Doha’s Corniche.


If you are a person who loves museums, Qatar’s museums do not end here, there are a bunch of more museums that are worth the visit. Just visit our website for more!


  1. Summer or Winter: go to the beach!

Inland Sea Photo

Because Qatar a semi island itself, it is surrounded by water from almost everywhere! So why waste your time and not go to the beach all year long? In summer, beaches are for swimming, going on boat rides and watching the beautiful dolphins and whales (yes you can do that in Qatar!). In winter however, it’s a totally different vibe. You can rent a well equipped camping tent with us and enjoy the winter breeze beside the beach, where you can have a camp fire, and even stay for the night!


  1. We can’t forget family Day! – Al khor park: 

Al-Khor park is located in Al-Khor city, however, even if you’re not staying in al Khor, you can easily visit the park because it is not very far from Doha. The park is a large space of greenery and there is something to enjoy for each member of the family! From water features, to play areas, food kiosks and even animals! And no if you are wondering, it is not a Zoo, animals stroll freely but of-course with safety fences. The park is very well maintained and equipped and it is very clean as well! Its a must visit if you are looking for a relaxing yet fun place to go on a picnic at.

  1. Al-Hazm Mall:

Are you looking for a fancy day out? Al-Hazm is the place to be! It is a luxurious outdoor mall which gives you the fancy experience you are looking for! It holds a wide range of fine dining restaurants, International and local, as well as luxurious International shops that present their exclusive lines and collections only to match the identity of this luxurious mall. Luxury is imbedded in the architecture of Al- Hazm, so the experience is definitely yours! And guess what? If you think Qatar’s summer heat will take away this experience from you, well you are wrong, because the mall if fully air conditioned! Yup! Al-Hazm has Indoors AND outdoors ACs. Indeed, the experience you are looking for is granted.


  1. Place Vendome: for our shopaholics! 

Place Vendome is a ginormous mall that recently opened its doors in Lusail Qatar. It has a mix of high end, as well as mid range international stores. So if you are planning to go on a shopping spree when you are visiting Qatar, you are in the right place! Ofcourse the mall also has a wide range of restaurants, cafés and entertainments, so everyone can enjoy their time here! Not only that, Place Vendome also has luxurious 5-Star hotels and serviced apartments and it is an opened concept mall.

To add more to the fun, every night there is a dancing fountain show as well as a 3D laser show in the outdoor area of the mall, so if you are not here to shop, you will still definitely enjoy your time!  The architecture of the mall is mesmerizing, and it is inspired by the classic French style architecture. Very beautiful, very Instagram-able!

Your visit to Qatar will be definitely worth it! There’s always something to match everyone’s taste! If you want us to plan your visit to Qatar from A to Z, or if you are a resident and just want to experience more of Qatar ، do not hesitate, you are just one click away!

Call us now at +974 30191237 or contact us on our social media platforms and we will be more than happy to help! You can also write to us at [email protected].

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