What to buy in Doha? An Incredible Compilation of best gifts to buy in Qatar

What Best Gifts to Buy in Doha

No one can deny that Qatar is a rich Middle East country having specialties that any traveler would like to bring back with them after their stay. Qatar, with its stunning scenery from the sea to the desert, eye-catching skyscrapers, gorgeous mosques, state-of-the-art museum architecture, and delicious food, has exclusive tall shopping malls and Souqs (traditional markets). The famous market in Qatar for shopping is Souq Waqif. This article will be a treat if you to know What Best Gifts to Buy in Doha, Qatar for your friends and family. Below is the compilation of the best gifts to take home with you:

What Best Gifts to Buy in Doha

1. Qatari Pearls

Qatar has a long history of being known for its pearling banks, which harbor the growth of the best-known pearls in the world. There are a lot of jewelry shops selling Qatari pearls. Pearls have always been a natural gift of the Middle East. For sophisticated women and ladies, nothing compares to wearing a piece of elegant, designed pearl-embedded jewelry. If you are fond of jewelry, Qatar is the best place to buy it!

2. Sweet Treats

How can someone forget to take sweet treats for your loved one? The cherry on top of the meal is the sweets. Qatari sweets have a unique flavor of their enriched culture in them. Visitors must undoubtedly relish these exquisite desserts essential to Qatari cuisine. Their traditional desserts are Umm ALI, Kunafah, Basbosa, Muhallabia, etc. The famous sweets you can buy in Qatar for your loved ones are Khanfaroosh, Qatayef, and a wide range of Baklava. Also, don’t forget to buy some chocolate, pistachio, and nutty dates from home. Trying their traditional desserts is a must!

3. Fragrance

The national scent of Qatar is oud. You can smell the lovely, smoky aroma everywhere you walk, from homes and cars to souks, hotels, and shopping centers. Oud, also called “Wood of the Gods” is a musical instrument made from the sticky heartwood of the rare agarwood tree. You must buy oud perfumes for your family.

How can one forget Qatar’s famous “Bukhoor”? A fragrant wood called bukhoor is frequently used in Qatar to produce traditional incense. After slicing it into small pieces, a pot filled with hot coals is filled with wood. As soon as the coals are fired, the Bukhoor gives forth a lovely aroma. They are fabulous souvenirs. If you are visiting Qatar, a Bukhoor pot is an ideal gift to buy in Qatar for anyone you know who appreciates Qatar.

4. Decorative Wooden Boxes

Beautifully crafted wooden boxes are among the best traditional Qatari artifacts. The ornamental wooden boxes are stunning and practical for storing more miniature goods like pearls, jewelry, etc. They are also the best decoration pieces. You can customize it by adding some jewelry or chocolates to make it a perfect gift. They are available in many sizes and forms. You can get them at Souq Waqif and various shopping centers in Doha.

5. Scarves and Shawls

The ideal Qatari gifts are scarves and pashminas. Qatari shawls and scarves come in a range and are beautiful, elegant, and diverse. In the winter, pashminas are a fantastic way to stay warm. They are woven from delicate wool known as “fine cashmere wool” and are renowned for their enduring warmth in traditional market.

Also, the variety of scarves is wide. They are smaller and can be used as a wrap, although pashminas are typically larger. Why not get a pashmina or scarf as a memento of your trip to Qatar because the country is known for its delicate fabrics? If you are visiting Qatar, you must buy these.

6. Arabian lamps

Why not light someone’s room with a beautiful and elegant Arabian lamp? Undoubtedly, Arabian lights are lovely and give any personal space a dreamy and enchanted feel. The smaller hanging lights are less expensive and simpler to get home. But you could be tempted to invest in a lovely metal-base swan-neck table lamp. Whichever option you select, be careful when packaging because all the lights are pretty fragile. They should ideally be transported in your hand luggage. You can get your hands on them from Souq waqif in any shopping mall.

7. Dry fruits and nuts

Wait! While taking other gifts, why not give your loved ones a nutritious gift? In Qatar, there are wide different varieties of dry fruits that offer a wide range of nutrients. Some are scrumptious, while others have medicinal qualities. They can be utilized in various ways and are simple to handle because they are dry. The famous dry fruits in Qatar are almonds, pistachio, cashew, apricot, walnuts, dates, prunes, figs, hazelnut, etc. A wide range of dry fruit varieties is available in local markets. Gift your loved one to add macronutrients to their lives.

8. Arabic coffee and traditional arabic coffee pot

If you want to take back the rich culture of the Middle East, how can you miss Arabic coffee? Arabic coffee is a universal welcome expression due to its potent cardamom flavor and yellow, tea-like consistency. It is often served in Qatari Majlis. You can take home an Arabic coffee mix, and whenever you miss Qatar’s rich culture, arrange a similar Majlis in your home and enjoy the aroma of the Middle East. It is the best thing to buy in Qatar. Don’t forget to buy a traditional arabic coffee pot.

9. Al Sadu weavings

The beautiful handwoven fabric called Al Sadu is created from camel and goat hair. Al Sadu fully encapsulates Qatar’s rich history and culture, making it the best souvenirs of Qatar. The Bedouin tribe, nomadic, has been using this weaving technique for thousands of years to make tents, carpets, blankets, and cushions. You can find these traditional handicrafts from the Corniche end of Souq Waqif to find some weavers and a shop selling specific types of Al Sadu Weavings.

10. Qatar’s famous glass art

Qatar has some of the world’s most stunning beaches; it should be no surprise that its sand is as astonishing. The artists from Qatar have converted this sand into beautiful glass art. The elaborate motifs are carved into shards of glass filled with beach sand from Qatar. The result is a magnificent work of art that perfectly depicts Qatar. This is a must thing you should buy in Qatar for your loved ones. These artpieces are available in different shapes.

What to buy at Doha airport?

Doha airport, also known as Al-Hamad International airport, is considered the best-known airport in the world. The lamp bear is the biggest attraction at the airport. The duty-free shops at Doha’s airport are plentiful and will be familiar to any seasoned international visitor. Below are must things you should buy in Hamad International airport in Doha:

· Perfumes

If you want to buy some best fragrances in Qatar, Doha airport is where you can get them. Not only Qatar’s traditional perfumes, but you can also get your hands on international brands. Doha airport has all famous brands such as Gucci, Hugo Boss, Dior, etc. You can get perfumes at the 24-seven convenience stores also.

· Hot Cup of Coffee

This is a must! You can enjoy your shopping spree while enjoying a hot coffee at Doha airport. All your favorite coffee shops are there at Doha international airport, such as Jamocha, Illy Café, Farggi, etc. You can refresh yourself with a cup of coffee before your flight!

· Handicrafts

Doha airport is home to various stores that sell products inspired by the beautiful handicrafts of the state’s lively and rich Islamic culture. You can buy abayas, jalabiyas, and sheilas for your loved ones.

· Shisha smoking pipes

In Qatar, you may purchase a variety of shisha pipes, from small ones perfect for décor to large ones that you can use. Even if you are a non-smoker, shisha pipes add beauty to their surroundings. There are beautifully adorned shops at Doha airport.

What to buy from Souq Waqif and local markets?

Souq Waqif in Doha is among the top sites to visit in Qatar. People love to go on shopping sprees at Souq Waqif as it has a large number of markets. It is the hub for traditional souvenirs. The best things you can get your hands on are handwoven articrafts, Al-sadu weavings, pashminas, shawls, etc. Wait! For elegant ladies, gold from Souq Waqif is a must! You can also exchange currencies from the Souq market as many shops exist. You can buy a variety of Arabian lamps from local markets. Also, there are a variety of eatables such as dry fruits available in affordable prices. You will get to taste the arabic hospitality in local markets of Souq Waqif.

What to buy from the City Centre and shopping malls?

City Centre, One of the well-known locations in Qatar where you can quench your thirst for shopping, is Doha. The Doha Mall offers the best shopping selection of local and worldwide brands. Also, it has a cinema for you to enjoy movie screens. You can buy any luxury brand, such as Dior, Cartier, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, etc. The other famous malls of Qatar are Villagio Mall, Mirqab Mall, Mall of Qatar, and The Gate Wall. They entertain and also have many shops to satisfy your shopping cravings. Toothsome Doha food is also a highlight.


· What is the most famous item in Qatar?

Qatar has many beautiful items. Qatar is renowned for its long and rich history as a pearl production and commerce hub. The primary driver of this region’s economy for many centuries was the manufacture of pearls. Qatar’s souvenirs are a hit. These include abayas, shawls, shishas, coffee makers, and pashminas. Also, when how can one forget its famous hand woven traditional handicrafts AL-Sadu? If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to buy Arabic sweets such as Baklava, basbosa, kunafa, etc.

· Is Doha good for shopping?

Doha’s combination of modern retail malls, traditional marketplaces, local markets, and a wide variety of entertainment options makes Qatar a paradise for people who enjoy shopping. When it comes to where to buy in Doha? The top recommendation is Souq Waqif. Souq Waqif is also one of the oldest markets in the area. You can find everything in Doha, including sweets, perfumes, shawls, scarves, pashminas, etc. The famous places to buy in Doha are Lagoon Mall, City center Doha, Omani Souq, Doha Festival City, Souq Al Wakra, etc.

· Is it cheap to shop in Qatar?

Although Qatar’s malls are pricey, overall costs are lower than in other Middle Eastern nations, notably the United Arab Emirates. If you are visiting Qatar, make sure to have a good amount of money so nothing can stop you from a shopping spree!

· Where is City Center Doha located?

City Center Doha is situated in the city’s business district, next to the DECC station. You can reach there using the metro or on your transport. It has a vast parking space.

· What is the quality of gold in Qatar?

Qatari gold is of the best quality as it is world famous. The gold jewellery has many designs with stones and diamonds embellished on them. There is a slight difference in prices at different jewellery shops. The recommended and best places to buy gold in Qatar are Gold Souq, Alfardan Jewelry, Damas Jewelry, etc. The advantage is that you can get the best quality gold at low prices compared to Dubai and other united Arab countries.

Final words

Traveling to Qatar, you must purchase fabulous souvenir to bring home. You can find many unusual items in Qatar that you might not find in other nations. These are the 10 best gifts to buy in Qatar for your loved ones. Also, don’t forget to visit Doha airport’s duty-free section, city center, and local markets to shop for the best items. An unforgettable journey awaits you at Experience Qatar. Therefore, be sure to set aside some more time from your shopping trip to buy some qatar souvenirs while visiting Qatar.

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