Things to do in Qatar

Things to do in Qatar

It is not wrong to say that Qatar is the land of deserts. Visiting the Middle east desert holds an authentic charm. You will be stunned by the beauty and splendid scenery of the sand. The sand dunes preserve such beauty that they will leave you in awe. Explore an array of exciting things to do in Qatar, from traditional souqs to modern marvels, promising a diverse and enriching experience for every traveler. Exploring Qatar unveils a myriad of captivating activities. Begin your journey by visiting the iconic Souq Waqif, immersing yourself in its vibrant atmosphere. The Museum of Islamic Art is a must-visit for a dose of culture, showcasing exquisite artifacts. Venture into the desert with a thrilling dune-bashing experience, or unwind at luxurious beaches like Katara Beach. Qatar’s futuristic skyline beckons at The Pearl-Qatar, offering upscale shopping and dining. Take advantage of the awe-inspiring Aspire Park or the impressive Katara Cultural Village. Delve into Qatar’s rich heritage at the National Museum, a treasure trove of history.

If you have planned vacations in Qatar, you must explore the below deserts to visit in Qatar and enjoy the surreal feel of deserts where the land meets the sand! The Qatari deserts allow you to discover the history, have fun, learn new vistas, and create lasting memories. Below are listed two incredible deserts to visit in Qatar:

1. Khor Al Adaid or Inland Sea

Visiting Qatar would be pointless without an incredible adventure into the limitless core of the Qatari desert. Khor Al Adaid, commonly known as the Inland Sea, is a breathtakingly beautiful region surrounded by massive golden dunes and offers a gorgeous view. It is regarded as one of Qatar’s greatest treasures. The Inland Sea is a surreal place where water meets the sand! It is the best place to satisfy your adventurous soul. Beautiful scenery and many fun activities, such as paragliding, kite surfing, etc. Paragliding lets you have a bird’s eye view of the Inland Sea.

Here is some sincere advice, if you want to visit the Khor Al Adaid Inland sea, don’t visit in the summer as the heat is unbearable. The best time to visit deserts in Qatar is between November to April, in winter. Inland Sea has some top resorts and hotels for a relaxing vacation. Families and visitors to Qatar will find the interior design and landscape very comfortable, with views of the beach and the desert.

The Inland Sea is one of the incredible deserts to visit in Qatar. After dark, have a barbeque dinner by a fire while gazing up at the stars in a sky free of artificial lighting. The following day, watch the sunrise over the dunes. This is undoubtedly one of the best experiences.

2. Extensions of Rubal AL Khali (largest desert in Qatar)

Qatari desert lies southwest of Doha, at the border of Oman and Saudi Arabia. The grandeur of the desert scenery and the attraction of a morning desert safari in Qatar will leave you in wonder and give your adventurous day the ideal start. Qatar is a popular place for desert safari adventures. You can book a morning or evening tour according to your choice. However, one of Qatar’s most famous desert safaris occurs in the morning. You won’t find peace anywhere else besides Qatar, where dawn’s golden hue illuminates the desert’s fine sand dunes.

Contrary to popular opinion, the temperature during early desert safaris is pretty nice because of the cool breeze blowing. Sandboarding, dune driving, dune bashing, and other thrilling desert safari activities are all easily accessible. With the extra benefit of an experienced driver behind the wheel who will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime, the morning safari ride’s dune driving adventure is fascinating.

Activities in the Sand dunes Of Qatari Desert

Prepare yourself to Experience Qatar’s best activities by creating a complete list. You can enjoy camel riding, sandboarding, dune bashing, and other activities.

· Sandboarding

In Qatar, sandboarding is a popular hobby involving using a board that slides on the wild sand dunes in Qatar. These days, tourists from all over the world are drawn to this activity. The best aspect is that everyone can enjoy sandboarding in Qatar; you don’t even have to be an expert.

· Camping

Do you wish to experience the desert adventure while maintaining your comfort? However, you might spend the night near the beach without any hassles. Why not try luxury camping in the sand? Enjoy Qatari hospitality while feeling at home at these camps and rentals.

· Enjoy a Scrumptious BBQ dinner

Enjoying tasty meals is the one aspect of a safari that every guest looks forward to. Visitors are provided with a delicious fish BBQ dinner at the camp as part of the overall unique experience, and live performances are scheduled to enhance the joy of the evening. Also, if you are a fan of starry nights, this is one of the must-haves to visit in Qatar. The most beautiful sight is to spend a night in Qatar’s open sky and watch the sun set and rise.

· Dune Bashing

A must-do while visiting Qatar is this! It’s fun to ride a 4×4 up the dunes and down them. You can pick from the various local travel agencies that provide this in Khor Al Adaid, which is a fantastic and ideal location for the activity.

· Majlis

Do you love the rich culture of Qatar? You gain insight into Qatari culture and family system hospitality through the majlis experience. You can take a break in an Arabian tent while taking part in dune-bashing, camel riding, or quad biking on your desert safari.


Is paragliding safe in the Qatar desert?

Yes, it is 100% safe. Extreme sports like paragliding can introduce you to a whole new universe of unforgettable adventures for people who want a bird’s eye view of the incredible deserts in Qatar.

Is the night Qatar desert experience worth it?

Yes, tourists considering a safari in Qatar can also choose an evening safari. This safari experience gives visitors a rare opportunity to see the desert at night while also getting a peek at the spectacular sunset in the desert.

What is the name of the desert in Qatar?

There are two famous deserts in Qatar. One is Khor Al Adaid, and the other is Rubal AL Khali.

Is Doha a desert?

No, Doha is not a desert. However, there are deserts in its surroundings.

Which is the most fantastic activity to enjoy in the Qatar safari desert?

Dune bashing is only one of the many activities available during a desert safari in Qatar, but nothing compares to the excitement of viewing the desert from above. One activity that can undoubtedly give you such fun is paragliding. Flying over the desert and seeing the desert and glistening ocean from above is an unforgettable experience. Another wonderful activity is a camel ride or camel racing. It would be best if you visited these incredible deserts.

Final Words

Embark on a journey with Experience Qatar, your gateway to the extraordinary. Qataris, deeply connected to their futuristic capital, Doha, cherish their desert roots. As winter arrives, families pack their four-wheel drives with camping gear, venturing into the deserts. The Inland Sea boasts a breathtaking, untamed beach where desert sands seamlessly meet water—an experience akin to lying on its sandy shores. Discover these incredible Qatari deserts waiting to be explored. Don’t hesitate; secure your tickets now for an unforgettable adventure into the stunning deserts of Qatar with Experience Qatar.

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