15 Exciting and Best things to do in Doha, Qatar

Are you visiting Qatar in 2022 and want to have an adrenaline rush experience? For you, this article is a must-read. Below are listed 15 exciting and best things to do in Doha. Doha is the capital city and home to almost 2.5 million people and receives roughly the same number of visitors yearly. Doha is renowned for its various mosques and architectural structures.

Additionally, it has the National Library and the Qatari Book House. Doha is home to numerous tourist attractions that draw many visitors each year. You can have the best life experiences ranging from exploring local culture, fun activities, epic sceneries, and a wide range of food to beaches and dunes. You will never forget the trip to Doha, as Arabs are famous for hospitality. Let’s dive into the list:

Best Things to do in Doha, Qatar

1. Explore the museum of Islamic art & National museum:

The best thing to do in Doha is to visit at least a few of Doha’s museums, especially if you’re a fan of history, as they are among the city’s most significant attractions. Important cultural hub, aesthetic, historical, and scientific artifacts are preserved and shown at Qatar’s museums. Qatar has a very intriguing past, and its numerous museums honor its rich cultural heritage, traditions, local modern art, and mind-blowing illusions. Museum of islamic art offers educational and visually stimulating experiences.

Start with Sheikh Faisal Bin Qasim Al Thani Museum of islamic art. The items are attractively presented with some background knowledge. The artifacts are not simply Qatari; Sheikh Faisal has gathered them from the whole world Remember the Museum of Islamic Art, which reflects the idea of the Islamic world. It has Amazing architecture, stunning views from the patios and terraces, an excellent islamic art collection and exhibition, and a pleasant coffee shop with expansive views on the ground floor. There are many other arab museum, such as the National Museum of Qatar, Museums of Illusions, etc.

2. Visit torch tower:

If you are a fan of fabulous architecture, visiting Torch tower, also known as Aspire Tower, is the best thing to do in Doha. The Torch Doha is the culmination of careful architectural, engineering, and technical planning. It was initially shaped to resemble a massive torch that retained its symbolic light at the highest point in the games’ history during the 15th Asian Games in 2006. You can enjoy fine cuisine in the famous three sixty restaurants at Aspire tower.

3. Shop at Villagio Mall:

Have you been to Venice before, or do you intend to? We will never get bored of taking in the breathtaking canal city’s beautiful splendor, from its small footbridges to its world-famous water taxis. You get a similar sense of entering Venice when you enter a Villagio mall. This area seems to have been carved out of Venice. The Villagio mall is one of a kind in Qatar and a must-see location thanks to its Venetian-inspired design.

Explore the Villaggio Mall if you’re looking for entertainment and it is one of the best things to do in Doha. It makes sense to come here after your picnic by the lake because it is situated directly in front of Aspire Park. You can discover a variety of eateries and entertainment options as well as traditional retail stores, high-end brands, international brands, and locally produced goods. There are several stores at Villaggio Mall where you’ll undoubtedly enjoy shopping. You can satisfy your shopping cravings here from shopping malls which makes Qatar a thriving city. They have a variety of shops, from inexpensive ones to expensive ones, such as Gucci, Adidas, H&M, DHL, Dune, etc. Even if you are Sick and tired from all the shopping and adventure travel, boost your energy by choosing from the extensive fine dining menu or the fast meal options in the food court.

4. Try Qatari food:

If you love to taste the cuisines of different cultures, this is the best thing to do in Doha. Qatar’s traditional food represents the nation’s cultural heritage and diversity; it incorporates regional specialties from around the middle east, Gulf and Indian, Iranian, and North African influences in many dishes. While Qatar and other adjacent nations share many traditional recipes, most have been modified to fit their distinctive cultural heritage and tastes. Qatar has a vibrant culinary tradition. You can savor a range of robust starters, elegant and unique sweets, and crunchy snacks to go with your coffee, all of which are infused with a tone of spices because Qataris love to cook.

As a country that stands tall on the Persian Gulf, Qatar has an abundance of fish and seafood, so when you browse restaurant menus, you can expect to see various choices. Try the native fish, humor, which can be ordered whole or as a component of a rice dish or spicy stew in most eateries.

If you are bored of eating the same dishes, try Camel meat. An essential component of Qatari cuisine, camel meat may be found on the menus of many of the nation’s eateries and hotel accommodations. It is typically eaten as a cut in a stew or a rice dish, like a steak. The must-try dishes are Kabsa, Majboos, Harees, Warak Anab, and Saloona.

Qatari cuisine also has a special treat for people having a sweet tooth. Qatari desserts feature distinctive Arabian flavors. When offered to tourists, these delicacies from Qatar taste fantastic and look lovely. You can enjoy dessert between meals is a great way to soothe your soul. Among the most popular sweets in Qatar, you must try Kunefa, Baklava, Um Ali, Basbosa, etc.

5. Skydiving and Traditional Sports:

If you want to have an adrenaline rush experience, Then, Skydiving is the best thing to do in Doha. Everyone usually has a list of things they want to do in life, so why not make your first jump on a city skyline while flying above a futuristic, large city surrounded by a vast Qatari desert, dunes, and offering breathtaking views of the Persian Gulf and Doha skyline? The safety record of Skydiving Qatar is excellent, and their instructors have years of training. Once you’ve visited the restaurants and museums, attach a parachute on your back and take to the sky!

6. Inland Sea tour:

You want to take advantage of the breathtaking view of the Inland Sea, as it is one of the most exciting and best things to do in Doha. You must visit the tranquil area if you want your trip to Qatar to be perfect! It is the place where the sea meets the sand. It is an estuary with varied flora, fauna, and marine habitat that has been recognized by UNESCO world heritage. However, as no roads lead there, you must go off-roading to access this incredible landscape. To reach this beauty, you must drive across rising sand dunes; therefore, a four-wheel drive vehicle and a trustworthy, experienced guide or driver is required.

The Inland Sea tour is the more well location for astrophotographers. You have yet to hear of the Inland Sea tour Experience Qatar. It is located around the magnificent desert landscapes of Doha, among sand dunes some 60KM from the capital city of Qatar. The Inland Sea is one of the few locations where dunes may be seen eroding into the water during high tide. There is no proper toilet in the Island Sea. It’ll help if you pack your sunscreen, an extra dress, hat, sunglasses, and other required stuff. Take advantage of one of Qatar’s most breathtaking views in the sand dunes while sand boarding.

7. Visit Doha Corniche:

The Doha Corniche is one of the top recommendations if you’re looking to enjoy the best things to do in Doha while you have a vacation. One of Qatar’s most well-liked tourist destinations is the stunning, 7-kilometer-long, palm-lined beachfront along Doha Bay. The Sheraton Hotel was the only building that could be seen along the Doha Corniche in the past. Still, development has risen in the twenty-first century, and hundreds of skyscrapers have been constructed north of Corniche bay. The area’s development results from the nation’s recent economic success and efforts to attract tourism.

Remember to explore Doha Corniche Street, which runs parallel to Corniche bay, and is a major road that links the Doha International Airport with Doha’s developing West Bay business zone. Doha Corniche bay is a great place to stroll to get a feel for the town. While visiting Doha, you can take a Dhow boat trip, go sightseeing, watch the sunset, photograph the Pearl Monument, look at Doha’s skyline, and much more.

8. Desert Safari:

How can one miss an exciting and adventurous Qatari desert safari while staying in Qatar? One must pay attention to the extreme sports that are so well-known in the Qatari desert. Qatar has gone to extraordinary measures in terms of the dessert experience. If you enjoy the adventure, you can try various other sports, including riding on camels on the dunes, paragliding over a sea of sand, sandboarding, riding a camel, driving a dune buggy, and many more. A desert safari in Qatar is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. While exploring the Qatari desert, you can ride a camel or dune-bash in a sand buggy.

Additionally, you’ll get to see Qatar’s native culture, including falconry demonstrations and Bedouin settlements. A Qatar desert safari should unquestionably be on your bucket list if you’re searching for an exciting and cultural adventure. Another popular activity with tourists is camping, which agencies can organize. This should be the top best thing to do in Doha.

9. Visit Souq Waqif:

If you’re searching for a fantastic place in Doha to shop, eat, explore, or sit at one of the many charming outdoor cafes and people-watch, look no further than Souq Waqif.

This place has served as a Souq for generations, where Bedouins (nomads who formerly lived in the Syrian and Arabian Deserts) would bring their wool and animals to exchange for everyday essentials. The Souq Waqif began to deteriorate over time and is dangerously close to being destroyed. Fortunately, it was decided in 2004 to conserve this historic location, and as a result, the entire market area has been restored using conventional Qatari architectural methods. Souq Waqif is the last remaining traditional Souq in the Gulf. It would help if you wanted to take advantage of this beautiful architectural market.

The best thing to do in Doha is to explore the maze-like passageways and the main street to locate other shops in Souq Waqif. You may buy for both locals and tourists here, finding anything from fabric, oils, and fragrance to garden tools.

In Souq Waqif, most stores close between noon and four o’clock. Therefore, it’s preferable to locate a café or restaurant on Souq Waqif premises and have a satisfying meal. The shops in Souq Waqif are open 24/7. If you are a shisha fan, you might also want to give shisha a shot. Happy shopping!

10. Wander Pearl Doha’s palm Island:

The Pearl Qatar is home to extravagant retail, dining, and entertainment options. The Pearl Qatar, Doha’s equivalent to Dubai’s Palm Island, is an artificial island with a size of about four million square meters and a shape resembling a string of pearls. The gorgeous Qanat Quartier, designed with the Mediterranean in mind and features bright apartments, canals, bridges, and pedestrian-friendly squares with cafés and restaurants, is one of its attractions. Pearl Qatar draws more than 15 million visitors annually and is one of the top free attractions in Doha. Pearl Qatar has many quaint cafes, restaurants, movie theatres, five-star hotels, and luxury shops. It truly reflects the modern-day city. In Pearl Qatar, you can find Rows of yachts anchored in the crystal-clear sea along the shoreline. There might even be a mega boat there if you’re lucky.

11. Dune Bashing:

If you have a short period in Qatar, spend it in the desert. The trip across the desert to the sea is magnificent because the dunes are as high as they are steep. Dune-bashing in Qatar is a fantastic way to explore the expansive dunes and have fun, no matter whether you are a thrill-seeker by heart. Due to how thrilling it is, drifting over Qatar’s magnificent dunes remains at the top of most travelers’ lists of the most exciting and best things to do in Doha, Qatar.

You can taste regional cuisine, sleep outside under the stars, or spend the night in lavish Arabian tents. Dune bashing is an exciting journey along the dunes provided by several tour agencies in the country. For a half-day, full-day, or overnight experience in the desert, skilled drivers will pick you up from your accommodation and take you in the desert for an exciting dune-bashing journey.

A pro tip: Even though dune bashing is an extreme activity, children are frequently welcome to join in the fun. Request that your driver drives more slowly or select a flatter path. After a few runs, you might even start asking for this yourself.

12. Visit Al Zubarah Fort:

If you love archaeological sites, you must visit Al Zubarah Fort. This 20th-century fort, located close to the walled coastal village of Al Zubarah, is the newest and most prominent part of the Al Zubarah Archaeological Site, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its construction is lovely as its one-meter-thick walls perfectly illustrate a traditional Arab fort and help keep the inside cool during the scorching summer. The significant site features of the impressive fortress are streets, double defensive walls, a marina, a canal, residential palaces, mosques, courtyard homes, fishermen’s cottages, and cemeteries.

The Al Zubarah fort has been converted into a museum where guests can explore artifacts from the time of pearl diving. It is now a ghost town that has been abandoned, but it is still charming—only the continuous thick walls and hollowed-out doors that formerly joined this settlement remain. You can stroll around the fort to explore the old village life.

13. Avail the enchantment of the Dhow boat cruise:

Are you familiar with dhow boat cruise? For hundreds of years, dhows have sailed the waters off the Arabian Peninsula, transporting various goods through the Persian Gulf to India, East Africa, and other destinations. But now it is a significant tourist attraction. These dhow boat cruises will provide breathtaking vistas of the city’s spectacular skyline and a cool sea breeze to pass through your hair. Many tour agencies are offering the best possible tour offers. Visitors can take a 2-hour day trip that takes them up at the seaport and includes entertaining activities like swimming chances and even fun karaoke. One of the other ride options is a 3- to 4-hour sunset boat ride that provides food, drinks, entertainment, music, etc.

The boat is one of the major attractions because it was traditionally used by fishermen and utilized local wood and boat-making customs in the middle east. Also, there are life jackets and lifesavers available to avoid any mishap.

14. Visit Al-Khor Island or Purple Island:


After visiting Qatari deserts, now comes the turn of Islands. As a nature admirer, this should be your go-to place as this place is packed with beautiful scenery and stunning views. Al Khor Island, often known as Purple Island, is particularly notable among Doha’s most popular day trips.

The island is just a forty-minute drive from Doha and close to Al Khor. After leaving your car, you will stroll along a raised pathway to the island. The halophytes on either side of the walkway look bursting with life, making this a fantastic nature trail for your kids. They will enjoy finding strange-looking plants and blossoms, spotting fish and crabs, and collecting twigs and stones. Please give them a pail and an amplifying glass, then let their imaginations soar!

Here comes the most exciting opportunity for swimmers! Gear your belts and dive deeply into the water to reach your final destination! You will need to swim roughly 500 meters through the water between one and three feet deep (depending on the tide levels). Here is a sad part, this can be problematic if you’re behind minor children, significantly if the tide rises while you’re on the island.

15.  Doha Golf Club:

Do you have a love for sports? Do you feel energetic after playing games? Then, this is the best thing to do in Qatar for you. Golf is a booming sport that has prompted the development of numerous golf courses across Qatar, one of which is the renowned Doha Golf Club.

The Doha Golf Club is the oldest in the region and is open to tourists and members. It has 18 championship holes and nine holes and instructions to help golfers advance their skills. Also, there is a separate portion for Ladies as the Doha Golf Club Ladies’ Section has more than 100 Lady Golfers developing the game through the club’s top-notch coaching and training programs.

There are four famous golf clubs in Doha; two of them are the most famous Doha Golf Club and Education City Golf Club. A variety of tourists are sure to be attracted and drawn in by the golf season, which lasts from January to December. Doha has all the facilities you could ask for in a vacation destination, and its striking contrast constantly reminds you of the natural beauty surrounding it.


Do’s and Don’ts in Doha, Qatar


· While visiting Doha, you should drink lots of water due to the intense heat. To combat the heat, consume at least two liters of water.

· Make sure your sunblock has a high enough SPF to protect your skin.

· Discover the natives’ customs, including how they dress and speak.

· Get comfortable bartering with store owners. Pay last, not first. Begin below your ideal pricing.

· All public areas, including museums, sporting venues, malls, and dining establishments, are smoke-free zones. Fines for infractions range from QAR 1000 to QAR 3000.

· In Qatar, most restaurants add a service fee to the bill. However, a 10% to 15% tip is welcomed as a token of gratitude. It is advised to have cash on hand for tips.

· Although there are no strict rules regarding attire in Qatar, tourists (both men and women) are still expected to respect local customs by refraining from wearing too revealing clothes in public. Generally, men and women are advised to wear clothing that covers their shoulders and knees.

· Accept gifts from others. The exceedingly hospitable Qataris view the offering as a sign of friendship and respect.

· Remember to welcome people according to their status and age if you are invited to join in Qatari hospitality (the elderly and those of higher rank are greeted first). It is considered disrespectful to display your host’s back or your feet’s soles.

· Do adjust your greetings for gender. Men typically enjoy shaking hands with other men and occasionally with women, yet sometimes they will instead extend their hand to their hearts as a mark of respect and greeting. A simple head nod is enough for the majority of Qatari ladies.


· Public photography is prohibited at military, construction, or religious locations. The same goes for taking photos of locals; only do so with their consent.

· Do not attempt to enter the country with any narcotics, alcohol, pig products, pornographic publications, or religious literature or materials. Bringing drugs into Qatar can result in harsh penalties.

· It is a severe offense, and punishment can be strict, to try to persuade someone to change their faith, belief, or perspective.

· Avoid littering or spitting on the street to prevent facing a substantial fine.

· Don’t give the thumbs-up sign. Although it is a standard greeting in Western society, it is considered quite impolite in Qatar.

· Avoid crossing your legs, especially while seated in front of an older or more senior person.

· Don’t signal someone to come over with one finger, such as to call a server. You might also use the palm of your hand. Additionally, pointing at someone or even anything is quite impolite.


i. For what reason is Qatar famous?

According to the UN, Qatar is well known for having the greatest per capita income in the world. In addition, it is famous for having a very high level of human development and is regarded as an advanced Arab state in terms of human development. Also, due to its safety and tourism development, thousands of people are attracted to Qatar as tourists.

ii. What is the typical dress in Qatar?

Although there is no official dress code in Doha for visitors, conservative and modest attire is advised. Men should refrain from wearing shorts, and women should keep tank tops and miniskirts to a minimum. The reason is the hot temperature; you can burn your body from sun tan if you do not take care of covered clothes.

iii. Does Qatar have a botanical garden or plant conversation site?

Yes, The Qur’anic Botanic Garden, which lies northwest of Doha’s city Centre, is a unique garden utilized to preserve the environment. One of the main objectives of the botanic garden is to impart the knowledge and expertise of protecting and caring for plants to future generations, which is a Qatari idea. You can enter, browse the community gardens and beautiful green spaces and witness these initiatives. Wandering in greenery is the best thing to do in Doha.

iv. In which city in Qatar should I spend my vacations?

Staying in Doha on a stopover in Qatar is an exciting a fantast way to learn about the local way of life. Doha is also an exciting place to spend a complete vacation. Doha airline is renowned for providing top-notch service. Many surveys have frequently ranked its business class as the best in the world. Doha is a beautiful city and a great destination if you want to learn about Qatari cultural heritage and history. Spend most of the time in Doha while visiting the country because it has beautiful sandy beaches, breathtaking bay views, and many attractions. Must visit Al-koot fort.

What is Al-Thuraya Planetarium?

Visitors who desire to learn are welcome to visit the Al Thuraya Planetarium in Doha’s Katara area and learn about the planets and the solar system in fascinating and enjoyable ways with children or just yourself and your friends.

The planetarium’s primary feature is a full-dome digital system with 200 seat total, four designated for the physically impaired and another four for the elderly. It has a 22-meter screen with advanced digital projectors to display 2D and 3D tutorial videos.

The planetarium also has a museum with astronomical artifacts and information, including the tale of the moon’s split during the time of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), various-sized models of the planets of the solar system, as well as replicas of space shuttles and astronaut suits.

If you are a science geek, you must visit this place for a bundle of information,

v. Which currency is used in Qatar?

The only accepted form of payment in Qatar is the Qatari riyal (QAR), which may be purchased at any of the many ATMs in Doha’s shopping centers, hotels, and surrounding areas. The Qatari Riyal is now trading at QAR 3.64 to the US Dollar.

vi. What should I pack with me during my trip to Qatar?

You need to carry visa documents, passport (if required), driving permit, Wallet including cards and local currency (QAR), regional SIM card, Travel or flight tickets, Other papers: insurance, allergy information, etc., chargers for electronics, fully charged power banks, primary and emergency drugs, vaccination record, negative COVID-19 test report (if needed), Masks, etc.

vii. What services does Qatar’s National Museum provide?

The nation’s history is divided into three sections at the National Museum of Qatar. The museum contains everything from early American history to present-day life. Even the Pearl Carpet of Baroda is included.

viii. What are some places to visit in Qatar for free?

One of the exciting and best things to do in Doha, Qatar, is visiting these places for free. The areas are Katara Village, Barzan Towers, National Museum of Qatar, water sports, Mathaf Arab Museum, Msheireb Museums, Museum of Islamic Art, etc.

ix. Is Doha pricey for travelers?

Doha is one of the wealthiest cities in the world today and might be a little pricey for travelers, although this depends on where you travel and stay here. The city does, however, offer low accommodation choices, as well as affordable restaurants and travel options, which can help you save a ton of money on your trip.

x. What is Banana Island?

Banana Island is a crescent-shaped island off the coast of Qatar’s capital. It is primarily for tourists looking for comfortable and luxurious vacations. Banana Island is a man-constructed island. Reaching there from Doha requires a 20-minute ferry journey. Banana Island Resort, created by Thailand-based Anantara, has an 800-meter private beach, an Anantara spa, a lagoon pool, a theatre, and nine dining options. From the crescent boardwalk, overwater villas spread out, and each offers 360-degree views.

Locals and tourists seeking peace away from Doha’s hectic life and noisy streets frequently visit the resort. Before returning to the city, you can take a brief break on the island.

xi. What is Falconry?

Being in Qatar, learning about falconry or falconry history is undoubtedly the best thing you can do. You can learn about the majesty of these enormous birds and their significance in Arabian history or culture at the Falcon Souq.

The center of the action is located in the Falcon Souq, a fortress-like arcade next to Souq Waqif in central Doha. A dozen or more falconers run specialty stores in this area where they sell coveted birds of prey, lanners, and sakers for prices ranging from £2,000 to more than £200,000. These birds are the focus of the Falcon Souq.

You will be surprised to know that Falcon Souq also sells medical supplies, gloves for falconers, bird’s eye hoods, cuffs, leg restraints, etc. You will shock once again that at the Falcon Souq, there is a hospital devoted to the care and welfare of these native bird species. You can learn more about Falconry in Doha, Qatar.

xii. For what Katara Cultural Village is famous?

Learning about the local culture must be your first priority regardless of where you go on vacation. The Katara Cultural Village is one such location that perfectly captures Qatar’s culture. The Katara Cultural Village has a lot to offer, including a theatre, art galleries, gardens, two opulent mosques, and much more. While visiting every nook and cranny of this village, there are numerous things to do in Qatar, from learning about the rich art to comprehending the cultural influence.

If you want to learn more about the country’s capital and are looking for things to do in Qatar, you should visit this famous cultural site. The Katara Cultural Village depicts Doha’s entire history, showing how it developed from its humble beginnings into one of the wealthiest cities in the modern era.

Final words:

Doha is a mesmerizing city full of adventures. If you plan to visit Qatar in 2022, the above are the best things to do in Doha, Qatar. Satisfy your inner traveler with exciting and fun opportunities in Doha, Qatar.

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