Romantic Outdoor Experiences in Qatar

Romantic Outdoor Experiences in Qatar


If you’re planning to embark on a romantic journey with your soulmate in one of the most exquisite places, it is impossible for Qatar to not top the list. From beautiful sunrises to breathtaking coastlines, Qatar is truly a place full of natural treasures that one must experience and especially so, when it comes to planning dreamy getaways with your partner. With countless tourists traveling from all across the world to see the beauty of this divine country, it’s now your turn to see it for yourself. Be it glamping, drifting off to the Arabian Sea or getting a true taste of Qatari hospitality, “Experience Qatar” makes sure your adventures are as worry-free as they are exciting which is exactly why it is the best tourism company in Qatar.

With 24/7 customer support services, Experience Qatar promises to offer luxurious once-in-a-lifetime adventures at affordable prices. Read ahead as we reveal some of the most romantictrips you and your lover should consider this year! Book your adventures in Qatar now as Experience Qatar has best price desert safari and many more romantic getaways such as:

Desert Glamping

There’s just something truly magical about the endless sand dunes, camel rides with that special someone and ending the day in the cozy confines of your tent as you watch the stars sparkle in the night sky. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get to have if you book your stay with Experience Qatar. From relishing the splashing Arabian Sea, taking a quick look into the lives of the local Bedouins to being escorted to your private tent, you’ll find yourself in the presence of pure divinity. Oh, and not to mention that sitting by a bonfire in the cold breeze of Qatari desert by the singing sand dunes by the end of the night feels even more special when holding hands with your soulmate.

Overnight Safari Camping

Overnight Safari Camping is a relaxing escape to cozy up with your darling and spend a luxurious weekend under the stars. On this adventure, you’ll get to catch a gorgeous sunset and fine hospitality in the entire Middle East where there is no compromise on your overall journey, especially when you have Experience Qatar by your side to take you to explore the hidden treasures. The best part? A delectable culinary experience that you just won’t be able to get enough of.

Purple Island Kayaking

Are you someone who gets fascinated by the nature? Al Thakhira Mangroves reserves are here to leave you wanting more. Naturally decorated with lush greenery, exotic birds and a lot more, let Experience Qatar guide you through this 90-minute energetic kayaking on the Purple Island that is just perfect for a romantic getaway. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your sunscreen and let the fun begin. Make sure you don’t forget your camera to capture not only your special moments, but also the gorgeousness of this island’s sunset!

Qatar Love is in the Air

Piper Archer Plane Ride

Love is in the air, literally! With the Piper Archer Plane Ride, there’s nothing more exciting and thrilling than exploring the mangroves of Qatar, Zubarah Fort and Al Khor Coastal City from the air. This truly memorable experience is an ultimate gift you can give to the love of your life. To make the hour-long journey even more exhilarating, Experience Qatar makes it easy by giving you a warm welcome before you take off in the sky and let the magic happen.

Private Yacht Cruise

Yacht in Qatar

How about a day out with just the two of you as you soak up the sun, make countless memories and ride through the Arabian Gulf on a private yacht? Sounds like an ideal weekend plan! It takes you aboard to the magnificent Al Safliya Island where you can enjoy a bunch of exciting activities like water sports, swimming in the open ocean or just simply explore around the island. Besides, who doesn’t like to top off the night with traditional Arabic barbecue dinner that is absolutely delicious! Not to mention that Experience Qatar makes this romantic sailing adventure a smooth and pleasurable one.

Luxury Dinner in the Desert

luxury dinner in the desert

Whether you want to spice up your date nights or simply want to surprise your loved one for the anniversary, the luxury dinner in the desert is always the ultimate plan. Wouldn’t you agree? This fairy-tale of an evening allows you to gaze up at the Saudi mountains and the Arabian Waters to set the mood. You are welcomed with a warm cup of Arabic coffee to enhance the luscious experience, but of course, that’s not all. You and your soulmate can have a swim and relax by the beach, before you’re served with a traditional barbecue dinner that is freshly prepared at the campsite. And the best part is that all of the arrangements are done by Experience Qatar so you can have a worry-free trip that you’d definitely want to come back for!


There are countless tourist destinations for couples in the world, but with Qatar, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to experiencing the old-world hospitality and sophisticated modernity. This beautiful country is perfect if you wish to experience a fairytale-like romance as Qatar is no short of lovely sites that are sure to make you fall in love. With all the thrilling trips mentioned, get ready to plan your next trip and delve into the beauty of this majestic place.

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